Closing Date

January 2019

Role type

Non-executive director



Health & medical

An opportunity to work with an organisation trying to improve early detection of melanoma

  • Use your leadership experience and commitment to quality governance
  • Leverage your network and influencing skills to make a difference

About the organisation

Organisation type: National non-profit
Annual operating budget: $50,000-$250,000
Number of paid staff: 1-10
Number of volunteers: 1-10

Board size: 1-5
Board meeting frequency: annually
Board meetings are held: times vary

Beard Season’s mission is to improve the rates of early detection and raise awareness about melanoma, one of the world’s deadliest cancers.

It does this by inviting gentlemen to grow their beards for winter and then use them as life saving
conversation starters – encouraging their friends family and workmates to visit a GP or dermatologist
for a skin check.

Gentlemen are the most at risk of melanoma, especially those aged 18 – 45. So by using this
demographic to commit to spreading awareness ‘with their gloriously hairy, walking, talking
billboards’, the impact of Beard Season is targeted and significant.

They now have a social media community of over 90,000 people, have enjoyed millions of dollars
worth of global media coverage. Because of this, they now have ambassadors like Sir Richard
Branson, Hamish Blake, Mick Fanning, Hawthorne Captain Jarryd Roughead and thousands more
around the world. Helping them save an average of a life a week. People who might not be here if it
weren’t for their friendly, furry advice.

About the role

Remuneration: voluntary
Approximate time required for the role: one day per month
Tenure: 1 year

Expertise sought: fundraising, legal, accounting
Prior board experience required: No
Formal governance training required: No

Beard Season are looking for directors with a passion for creating a cultural change.
⅔ Australians will be affected by skin cancer or melanoma so the opportunity for impact here is
huge. They want a board who knows the power of a movement, of branding and giving people
something to be part of. They are keen to attract individuals who are keen to use their skills to build
their organisational strengths, strategy and effectiveness. As well as building partnerships which can
financially enable them to have a bigger impact.

As a director, you will be willing and able to participate in events and fundraising efforts using your
strong professional and personal networks – and ideally be a fan of facial hair.

For expressions of interest, please call Jimmy Niggles Esq. on 0412 830 082 or email