Closing Date

23 August 2021


Full time


Newman, WA

Exceptional general management co-leadership opportunity in a unique regional setting

  • Working with Martu to drive long-term socio- economic outcomes
  • Inspire a team of passionate, emerging leaders
  • Support the preservation of Martu’s rich culture and practice

The organisation

Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa  (KJ) exists to work with Martu building pathways to sustainability on a wide range of cultural, environmental, and social initiatives that preserve Martu’s rich cultural identity and contributes to conservation projects of global significance. KJ is a Martu organisation that operates in several Western Australian desert communities. aiming to preserve Martu culture, to build a viable, sustainable economy in Martu communities and to build realistic pathways for young Martu to a healthy and prosperous future.

KJ does not operate with a single CEO, but with three General Managers who perform that leadership function jointly as the Corporate Leadership Team (CLT).
Each General Manager in effect has two roles: specialised, individual responsibility for a key focus of the company, and, through the CLT, contribution to the collective responsibility for the CEO role.

The role

The General Manager Program Delivery (GMPD) is a new role part of the CLT responsible for ensuring the optimal performance of KJ’s activities  across four principal fields listed below, while delegating daily responsibility for management of this work to members of the Operational Management Team.

Cultural Knowledge Programs – collection of oral histories, return-to-country trips, mapping of waterholes, genealogies, language, historical records, traditional ecological knowledge and so on.  The foucs of this area is to collect and preserve rich cultural knowledge that Martu retain and to ensure its accessibility.

Land Programs – activities that the mainstream would regard as environmentally focused but which Martu see as the fulfilment of cultural obligations.  These include the ranger program, a fire program, preservation of threatened species and management of threats to natural or cultural values on Martu country.

Social Programs – activities that are focused on Martu social and economic development.  These include activities that address endemic social problems such as incarceration, crime, alcohol abuse, family violence, juvenile crime and financial management.  They also include developmental programs such as the Martu Leadership Program and targeted lobbying of government on issues.
Families Program – an early childhood development program focused on both pre-school age children and their carers, and on ensuring that children have as strong a start in life as possible, incorporating both Martu and Western perspectives and methods.

Experience, knowledge and skills

To be successful in this role you will have:

  • GM experience in an equivalent sized organisation and with the organisation’s level of complexity.
  • Experience leading teams delivering programs or having the experience of leading the delivery of programs
  • Experience working in a cross cultural context with diverse groups and backgrounds is desirable
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and organise tasks, people and projects by setting clear objectives, allocate resources to accomplish tasks and deliver reports on progress.
  • Experience in working with a board to develop a high-quality strategic plan and a demonstrated capability in the effective implementation of strategic and operational plans.
  • An inspiring and visionary leadership style that will motivate all stakeholders including staff to deliver on programs and deliverables
  • A commitment to ensuring KJ’s programs are both high quality and high value for Indigenous individuals, organisations and communities.
  • An ability to work collaboratively with all stakeholders, staff and other CLT members in a way that empowers and values their skills and experience.

Personal attributes

  • A genuine commitment to Indigenous empowerment and advancement and a demonstrated  ability to adhere to KJ’s ethics, values and principles.
  • Demonstrated ability to make decisions and take action
  • Reflect and learn from successes and failures and amend practices accordingly
  • Take initiative and work under your own direction
  • Be accountable and take responsibility for the team
  • Be courageous and introduce changes when necessary
  • Enjoy working with people both Martu and KJ staff
  • Respect the views and contributions of others
  • Be empathetic
  • Be an effective listener able to understand and synthesise Martu and non-Martu staff views and attitudes
  • Be consultative and adaptive in your approach
  • Effective and succinct communicator
  • Be well organised and set clearly defined objectives
  • Be able to maintain a positive outlook and work in uncertainty and in a pressurised environment

To apply

People for Purpose have been appointed to recruit for this role.

If you are looking for an opportunity to use your leadership and management skills and operational capability to c0-lead a successful well funded enterprise that drives long-term socio- economic change, we invite you to read the Position Description here and visit the KJ website. If you have specific questions, please call us on 0468 625 252 or email [email protected]

You can apply via the People for Purpose website by submitting a CV and a covering letter outlining why you are interested in representing KJ and how your skills and experience align to this opportunity.

Applications close 5.00 pm on Monday, 23 August 2021.

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