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We at People for Purpose are committed to Leadership development and support.  Across Australia we work with individuals, for-purpose organisations, social enterprises and corporates to help them maximise their social impact specifically ensuring great leadership and solid governance practices exist. If you are a leader, now considering your next role, we can help. Below are a few tips for you to consider.

  1. Take care of you.
    Our friends at Leadership Space have captured this beautifully in a recent post titled Righting your Ship. It starts with putting your own oxygen mask on first which is an idea we love (given we tend to jump to helping others first). Take a read here.
  2. Update your personal collateral.
    Now more than ever your personal brand is key to you differentiating yourself from the crowd, and there will be many others in your position, so focus on your key achievements and the positive impact you have had. Ensure your online presence is up to date and demonstrates your skills, experience and most importantly your passion for whatever cause or issue drives and motivates you. This includes LinkedIn, which tends to be the professional online platform of choice and does a great job of prompting you for more information. Update your recommendations, volunteering activities and any other relevant sections on LinkedIn, maybe consider writing a post on a topic you are passionate about. If you need help with your LinkedIn profile there are professionals who can help, and we can recommend our friend Karen Tisdall who has a special offer if you mention People for Purpose when you contact her. When you are applying for roles on any online portal, remember it reflects on your brand, so tailor any cover letter or email to that specific role – the person reading your application will notice, and this may give you the edge among the sea of others applying. Brush your CV up too, and tailor it whenever you are applying for roles, to highlight your alignment to the organisation’s requirements. People often find it hard to write about themselves so ask a friend, family member or colleague (or all 3) to help.
  3. Think creatively.
    During this time of change, you may have bandwidth to consider (skilled) volunteering, perhaps even back to your own charity? Or perhaps look for another cause that you are passionate about. Maybe you have other skills and experiences that can be used to support a different organisation. Have you ever considered becoming a Non-executive director (NED)? Many for-purpose leaders have worked with a board, know good governance and have great skills to offer, ie fundraising. Many boards are also prepared to take on NEDs who don’t have governance experience, as you can learn it from them, if you can offer a fresh perspective and on the ground experience. Consider it a way to keep your hand in, your passion and motivation high, and if you choose the right one, you’ll get a real sense of contribution.
  4. Search wide and far.
    There are many sites available to search for volunteering opportunities, including the usual suspects. However, there are other sites which have more of a for-purpose focus to them. It is good to keep an open mind and look in places you wouldn’t otherwise such as Pro Bono Australia, and skilled volunteering platforms like Vollie and Good Company. Speak to people in the sector too, as they may know of other sites, or have heard of charities looking directly for support, leveraging your network at this time may net some good results.
  5. Consider learning opportunities.
    Our friends at the Australian Scholarships Foundation exist to provide you access to fully funded learning opportunities to for-purpose employees and directors. You can study with the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Fundraising Institute of Australia, even Harvard Business School by applying for a scholarship. In addition, Learning for Purpose lists all learning opportunities relevant to for-purpose leaders and also included several fully funded opportunities. Right now, there are some incredible executive education opportunities, through universities, peak bodies and independent education providers available for free or heavily discounted.

If you are an experienced executive and you are keen to join the People for Purpose network register here, and visit our website to hear of our latest opportunities. You can also book a 20 minute phone chat with one of our consultants by clicking here.

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