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Closing Date

Friday, 17 May 2024

Role type



New South Wales

Join the Board of a well-known and reputable philanthropic trust, steeped in history, committed to the community through charitable giving.

  • Build on a solid foundation and strong, established reputation
  • Leverage your expertise in good governance and philanthropy
  • Play a key role in the next chapter of this historic organisation

The organisation

The Walter & Eliza Hall Trust was established in 1912 by Eliza Hall in memory of her late husband Walter, as a means of assisting those in need.  Both Walter and Eliza were active philanthropists during their life together.

Since its inception, the Trust has remained steadfast in its mission, focused on supporting initiatives – historically in health, education, welfare, and community development and providing financial assistance to tens of thousands of Australians in their time of crisis.  Its substantial contributions to medical research, education scholarships, and social services have left a significant impact.

Many charitable organisations have also been assisted by the Trust including the establishment of WEHI (formerly the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research) in Melbourne in 1915.

The Trust has more recently focused on a dual mission: to assist individuals facing acute or chronic financial strain or adversity by offering timely, one-time small grants when they need it most, and to collaborate with fellow philanthropic organisations dedicated to tackling the root causes of these stresses.

The role

After a decade of dedicated service, Jon Isaacs, a distinguished member of the Board of Directors, is retiring.  Consequently, the Board is currently seeking a new Non-Executive Director to succeed Jon, ensuring the continuity of the Trust’s good work.  Concurrently, the Board is also looking to expand the number of Directors and are seeking to appoint an additional Non-Executive Director.

They are seeking individuals with an affinity for not for profit organisations, especially in areas of hardship, with deep expertise in governance, and who have a good understanding of philanthropy, funding and regulations within the sector. Beyond qualifications, the Board values genuineness, humility, integrity and open-mindedness, eschewing ego and judgement.

Importantly, you must have a genuine passion for grassroots work and be prepared to engage with grant applications, treating each with fairness and empathy. Compatibility with the compassionate culture of the Board is essential.

This presents an exceptional opportunity for you to use your governance, not for profit and philanthropic expertise to offer financial aid to tens of thousands of Australians during their moments of crisis, while furthering the impactful legacy of this historic philanthropic trust.

Submit your expression of interest

People for Purpose is partnering with The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust to lead the search for this role.

We invite you to read the Board Pack and visit The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust website.

Once you have absorbed this information and completed your own research, if you have specific questions, please call us on 0468 625 252 or email [email protected]

To submit your expression of interest, as well as your CV, you must submit a cover letter outlining why you are interested in representing The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust and how your skills and experience align to this opportunity.

Applications close at 5pm on Friday, 17 May 2024.

If you are viewing this opportunity via LinkedIn, we invite you to visit the People for Purpose website under Executive Search at for further information.