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Five things to get right

Are you a good for-purpose non-executive Director?

We have worked with many boards of late to help ensure they are efficient and effective. It’s critical to achieve social impact and to best serve the communities they exist to support.

Here are 5 things to get right…

  1. Know the organisation’s purpose and vision. You and your fellow Directors should use exactly the same language around this. Be sure that as a non-executive Director, you are clear on your own personal purpose, and that it aligns to the organisation’s purpose.
  2. Be clear too on your role and responsibilities, both as an individual and as a collective and be accountable.
  3. Ensure you have the right mix of skills, experience and networks around the boardroom table, but (importantly) that they aren’t necessarily a checklist of skills, but that they align to the strategic direction of your organisation.
  4. Be honest about whether or not your board operates effectively. Do you meet regularly and as planned? Do you work well together?
  5. Have a succession plan. Replacing yourself or someone else on the board is a process – not a standalone activity. Be clear about tenure, and have a process that means you look beyond your own networks to find the best people to lead and govern your organisation, after all, there are people relying on our services and your leaders are your most valuable assets.