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When did you first become involved in the for-purpose sector?

When I started volunteering for Opportunity International one day a week back in 2006. I did that for about three months and found it so rewarding I made the decision to leave my job to make a permanent move into the sector.

Why do you do what you do?

Because of my grandfather and the way I was brought up. My grandfather returned from the war with serious injuries (he had lost both legs and lost part of one hand) with a wife and children to look after. He then spent the next 60 years of his life looking after people he deemed to be less fortunate than himself. Growing up watching that was very inspirational and instilled in me the values I have today.

What are the current challenges you see facing the for-purpose sector?

Measuring impact, financial sustainability, how to collaborate and how to be ‘well-run’.

What is your proudest professional achievement?

Having the courage to start my business, Good Foundations. That was three years ago and I’m proud to see the business thriving and continuing to grow. We are providing assistance to organisations who have a clear need and help them develop. We have found a niche where can seriously help these organisations and in turn, the sector as a whole.

What would like to see yourself doing in 10 years time?

What I’m doing now.

Good Foundations exists to identify and solve the operational, financial and strategic issues for not-for-profits and social enterprises, so they improve their impact on the communities they serve.