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A timely article from our friends at the AICD, and we thought we would take the time to summarise it for those who don’t have a long commute or have a quiet 10 minutes to read it. As firm believers in the necessity to ensure your Board is effectively governed, this means starting at the top, with your Chair. Below is a short summary of the article:

  • The role of the Chair, and their ability to lead, is absolutely essential now, and they must be skilled and ready to adapt to all sorts of challenges
    • Instead of turning issues into crises, inspire confidence
    • Being a Chair is not easy and meeting remotely can make it harder, however a good Chair will be able to find solutions to manage this
  • Important skills for Chairs to have both pre/post Corona
    • Interpersonal skills, and the ability to engage all Board members
    • Business acumen coupled with appropriate conflict resolution capability
    • An appropriate sense of humour
  • They MUST understand and be able to use tech e.g. Zoom. This will make things easier when everyone is apart and will set a strong example to the Board
    • Be prepared for online meetings and make sure Board members are prepared too
    • Make sure that all members can speak/offer their opinion – it can be hard to catch the nuances of a conversation online
  • Personal qualities of an effective Chair include:
    • Diplomatically holds themself and others accountable, and knows their limitations
    • Is open-minded, engaging, transparent
    • Has patience and empathy with others facing challenges and change
  • Effectively chairing a meeting involves the 3 Ps:
    • Purpose – demonstrate the organisation’s purpose
    • Preparation – essential for the Chair to prepare before the meeting
    • People – achieve consensus with fellow Directors
  • After the meeting invite feedback on how it was run online/differently to usual
  • Make sure Chair works closely with CEO as necessary

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